The Six Centuries Chamber Choir

The Six Centuries Chamber Choir was formed by conductor and composer Peter Fender for its first concert in June 2015.

Peter sang a lot as a child, mainly in church choirs. However as an adult he quickly discovered it was no longer as easy to sing as it had been back then … as a treble he didn’t have to think about it, it just happened (and apparantly happened quite well!). So, since 2013 he has had singing lessons, sung in opera choruses with Midsummer Opera, and sang with a local choir (Blackheath Choir). All of this is with a view to understanding singing better. This led to a desire to form a choir, and here we are with the 6CCC.

The choir is doing exactly what its name suggests: performances of music spanning six centuries. They are joined in every concert by professional instrumentalists to both accompany the choir and sometimes perform instrumental music in between choral works.

Anyone interested in joining the choir should make contact via the Contact page.